Sports & Movement Therapy

Our highly trained sports therapist and yoga teachers are here to help you find and maintain your optimum level of ease in movement, enabling you to fully enjoy the sport or physical activity that you love to do.

You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of sports therapy or our sports focused yoga classes. Both the treatment sessions and classes are suitable for every body regardless of age and physical ability. If you wish to prevent injuries from sports or any type of physical activity, regular classes and appointments can keep you well and help maintain your optimum level of physical fitness and movement. If you already have a injury that is preventing you from fully participating in the sport or activity that you love doing so much, or you’re struggling with pain and discomfort on a regular basis, then the skills and knowledge behind sports therapy and yoga could help you to find ease and comfort in movement again.

Sports Therapy What to expect?

Your sports therapist has the knowledge, skills and ability to optimise either your sporting performance or simply improve the ease in which you move on a day to day basis. She can help you prepare your body and prevent injuries whilst training, participating in events or simply enjoying your chosen activity. She can provide numerous therapeutic approaches to your care including sport and remedial massage and a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for those with injuries.

During your first appointment you will receive a free in depth consultation and postural assessment. This will enable your therapist to provide a completely unique programme of care tailored specifically to your needs.

A variety of therapeutic techniques may be used during your appointment and this could include remedial massage, myofascial release, cupping, ultrasound and physical adjustments to name but a few. All of which will be throughly explained to you prior to the treatment.

You will also receive advice on how to care for yourself and continue your rehabilitation after the appointment.

Please do bring a pair of shorts to wear during your appointment!

Meet Your Sports & Movement Therapist

Appointments available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Amy Beard

My approach to sports therapy is on a very individual basis. I like to understand what’s brought a client to see me and what they want to get from their visit. The title ‘sports therapy’ can be a little misleading as I’m as likely to treat people who might have had an accident or injury outside of a sports context as I am an amateur athlete. Sports therapy is for everybody – and every body is different, that’s why I will use a variety of techniques to find what works for that individual. I believe we should all be able to live pain free and with ease of movement, sometimes we need a helping hand to do this and that’s what I offer my clients.

Yoga Classes

Body Release

Wednesday Yin & Release 7.00pm – 8.15pm

Thursday 6pm – 7pm

Body release is a class designed to work into those tight spots, free up muscular tension, promote healing & help the body stay injury free. Using a combination of body ball rolling, trigger point and fascia release, coupled with yoga poses; this unique class is the closest thing to manual therapy or massage that we can perform on ourselves. Perfect for sports people to tune their body & perform at their best or people who are desk bound needing to release muscular tension. Working with balls allows students to work at a level that feels appropriate and comfortable for their body tissue. After the class you may come away with similar feelings to that of a massage or physical therapy. Drink plenty of water and rest the body as required. All props are provided.

HIIT + Yoga 

Thursday 7.15pm – 8.15pm 

High intensity Interval Yoga, a side step from a traditional yoga practice, this class will give you a chance to challenge your strength and endurance both physically and mentally. Working with both the fast twitch and stabilising muscle fibres, means you will get bursts of power and strength as well as creating space and flexibility, whilst using breath to connect it all together. There will be a balance of fast repetitions of stronger poses or body weight movements, accompanied with slower paced flows to let it all release. Expect to leave feeling invigorated, and strong, but still relaxed and blissed out!