Massage Therapy

The massage therapy style at Instinctive Health Sheffield is eclectic due to the varied styles of training that all therapists undertake. We all use a unique combination of techniques and approaches depending on what your specific needs are.


60 minute appointment £37

90 minute appointment £52

2 x 60 minute appointments £60

Our standard massage therapy appointment is tailored to your individual needs. Our approach to massage is eclectic as all our therapists are trained in multiple styles and techniques. Whether it’s a full body massage or you’d prefer to focus on specific areas and include relaxation, remedial or deep tissue work, we’ll adapt our massage style to provide you with what you need the most. After a short consultation with your therapist you choose which areas of your body are most in need of attention and we’ll create the perfect massage for you.

*(Our £60 special offer appointments must be attended within 2 months of purchase)

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage uses heat to encourage quicker and deeper muscle relaxation. Smooth basalt rocks are used to massage your muscles melting away those areas of tough tension. The heat given out during the session can have a deeply relaxing and calming effect, an excellent way of easing stress, anxiety and a busy mind. Ask to have Hot Stones added to your massage when booking at no extra cost.

Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is appropriate for those who suffer from stubborn or chronic muscular tension or simply prefer a strong and firm massage. It can help to improve strength, flexibility and range of movement in muscles that are being used intensively or repetitively.

Relaxation Massage

Taking regular time out to relax is so important for your health and wellbeing. All of our therapists are skilled at creating a space and massage treatment that is purely focused on helping you to switch off a busy mind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety or just recognise the importance of keeping on top of those stress levels then this is the massage for you.


45 minute appointment £35

As Reflexologists we work on the principal that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to all the organs, glands and parts of your body. By working on these specific reflex points found on the feet during a session, a beneficial effect can be had on the whole body.

The treatment begins with a relaxing foot massage using one of our organic oils, as you start to relax your therapist will then move onto using specific reflexology techniques. Towards the end your feet are wrapped in warm towels allowing the nourishing oils to sink into your skin. Before you float home you will have the opportunity to ask your therapist about the relevance of the areas of tension that you felt or experienced within the session.

Sports Massage & Sports Therapy

60 minute appointment £40

Suitable for injury prevention or recovery. Your sports therapist has the knowledge, skills and ability to optimise either your sporting performance or simply improve the ease in which you move on a day to day basis. She can help you prepare your body for and prevent injuries whilst you are training, participating in events or simply enjoying your recreational activity. Utilising numerous therapeutic approaches to your care, including sport and remedial massage you will become fascinated about what you learn from your very individual body and how it moves. For those of you with injuries you will also receive a comprehensive rehabilitation programme,

Please bring a pair of shorts to wear at your appointment!

Inspired by the East, our Ayurvedic and Luxury Treatments…

Shiroabhyanga (Indian Head Massage)

45 minute appointment £32

More commonly known as Indian Head Massage, this deeply therapeutic treatment works on marma energy points in the head, face, shoulders and arms to encourage the flow of energy (prana) around the body.This unique massage is given in a seated position using dosha specific herbalized oils and massage techniques. It provides a sense of balance, well-being and relaxation that leaves you energised with a clear mind. Perfect for energetically balancing all dosha types and physically beneficial for those who have tight shoulders or suffer from tension headaches. It also brings nourishment to the skin and hair helping you to look and feel healthy.