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Here’s the third interview in our Inspiring Yoga Interviews, So you lovely readers can start to understand what our studio believes modern day yoga is really about, we teamed up with award winning blogger Rachel Evans from Healthy and Psyched and asked her to interview some of our very lovely and inspiring yogi’s!

This time you get to meet Melody! Her working life, means that she can’t make it to a regular class each week, instead she has learnt to be more flexible with her yoga practice. Often people feel like they are failing by not getting to a class on a regular basis but that’s simply not true. We all have busy lives and we do what we can with the time that we’ve got. Melody is living proof that it is possible to love your yoga on and off the mat and both in and away from the studio. You come to class because it’s fun and you like being there not because you feel like you have to!

And yay for honouring balasana or child’s pose! Vinyasa flow as lead by me, Rachael S is a yoga workout. It can be challenging both physically and mentally as you learn to transition from one pose to another. I’ve learnt to spot who will have a long and happy life full of yoga. They are the people that listen to their bodies, take breaks when needed and fully appreciate the resting breathes in a blissful child’s pose.


Meet Meolody

1. How long have you been doing yoga? Is it something that you do all of the time or do you drop in and out?

In July I will have been doing yoga for 2 years, I used to do yoga as much as could. However when I started my current job, it made it difficult to get to classes. I have been dipping in and out of yoga for the past 6 months but my intention is to get back to my regular practice as it definitely helps me. Yoga makes me feel good at something, even when I do fall over all the time.

2. What do you enjoy about yoga classes?

I think the thing that makes the classes is Rachael, there is no pressure in any of her classes and no expectations. I’ve been down on that floor in child’s pose more times than I can remember and she is fine with that. Rachael just keep leading and is right there for you when you’re ready to start moving again.

3. You went to a yoga retreat to Bail in October. 

What motivated you to go on the retreat?

Did you have any concerns before hand?

What happens on a yoga retreat? / What were your favorite experiences?
I had been wanting to go on a retreat for a while but wasn’t looking for the typical eat yoga sleep repeat, every time I saw a retreat I’d talk myself out of it fearing I wouldn’t be good enough, again I was my own worst enemy! It was actually after having a good chat with Rachael that I decided to just do it. If I was rubbish I could always lay in savasana and blame the heat right?

The retreat I went on was planned out into morning and evening flows with optional workshops in the middle of the day, there was no expectation for you to go but I went to them all! I was so proud of myself.

I came away with so many memories from that week in Bali, the one thing that will stick with me actually isn’t the yoga. It’s the people I met and the connections I made, those guys were from all corners of the world and all walks of life but we all connected immediately. I will stay friends with these people for life, they were all inspirational. To say it all started with a sad story about someone’s pet turtle who had taken a trip of her balcony…!

4. Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of starting yoga?

My only experience of yoga was a gym class I had taken where I was utterly confused and decided I hated yoga from that moment on. It was by chance I found the studio for a massage when I decided to just give it a go and see if I had grown to like it. Well it seems that yoga classes at the gym and yoga classes with a true yogi are very different. If you’re thinking about it -do it. if you’re conscious of people looking at you believe me they’re too busy trying to breathe and wouldn’t notice anything until they’ve risen from savasana!


Thanks so much Melody! Do you want to ask Melody or the Instinctive Health Team a question? Just comment below!

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